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Wendy Alfus-Rothman

The Wenroth Group is a consortium of Business Psychologists specializing in leadership development and executive coaching with a strong psychometric foundation.


We apply the science of personality to the art of workplace behavior.  

The people at The Wenroth Group are business psychologists - we help people figure out their professional options and then pursue and achieve them. 


Psychometric assessments are at the heart of everything we do.  But psychometrics only tell part of the story. The art of our services is making your test results absolutely relevant to you as you face a variety of career questions: 

  • moving into organizations,
  • performing inside organizations,
  • and transitioning to new ones.

We are uniquely equiped to do this because we combine psychologcal training with years of successful business experience and entrepreneurship in a variety of industries and functions. 


If you have a question about your own career development or about the growth of the people that work for you - selecting them, motivating them, developing them, transitioning them - you have come to the right place.


A woman-owned firm, we have been helping companies and individuals control their professional destiny and ignite workplace performance for 18 years, combining the practical with the inspirational.

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Moving into an organization

Selection & Hiring Consultation that combines psychometrics with behavioral measurement systems

Moving through an organization

Executive Coaching and performance training that combines the most innovative methodologies with the most current assessment tools

Transitioning to a new organization

Career coaching for the outplaced, retired, re-entry, or just plain curious - anyone reevaluating their professional direction